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With a mortgage, banks look at a wage slip, an employment contract and the date on the National Bank.

But according to a British company, the bank should also look at someone’s character. I fully agree with that. The bank mainly wants to know whether you will always pay your interest and repayment in the coming years. A single registration with the National Bank immediately turns all signals on red.

Just knowing the customer personally

Just knowing the customer personally

Just knowing the customer personally, asking specific questions to him gives a very good picture of the customer and tells me whether the customer is reliable and whether I would lend my money to him.

But what if you have failed to pay the costs of a loan or mortgage. Is that why you are a criminal? Or do you earn a stamp of default for years? Maybe you had a good reason for that and you are generally a frugal person. And if you do not have a negative report with the National Bank, that does not mean that you are a good payer immediately.

Psychological test

Psychological test

In countries where until recently people had virtually no opportunity to take out loans, think of Russia or other countries where the personal loan phenomenon was relatively unknown until recently, they have been using psychological tests for some time. After all, no credit data from the past is available for most people. The Bank has no history and will therefore be less likely to approve a new Mortgage.

According to the British company Visual DNA, it could also be very useful for banks in the west and therefore also in Belgium to include your personality in the credit assessment in addition to the other information. The company developed a test for it, writes Daily Mail.

Now it’s possible that banks are doing a test

Now it

Now it’s possible that banks are doing a test for that, but I am of the opinion that the result of that test will only be used negatively and unfortunately not or hardly at all.

Due to all strict regulations, banks are no longer allowed to give the customer the benefit of the doubt if the test shows that there really is a reason for this. I have often experienced that I was sitting at the table with a client to go through his Mortgage and loans and that I was 100% convinced that the client could pay his expenses. Nevertheless, the customer had to be disappointed.

The Mortgage was rejected

The Mortgage was rejected

Not because the customer was not nice, not because the customer was not convincing, and not even because there was doubt that he could pay his mortgage costs, but simply because the numbers entered into the system turned all the lights on stand
Fortunately we work together with a number of banks who want to do everything to help the customer. And if only they can do it for a while. Unfortunately, they are also limited by legislation and regulations, but then the maximum has been done.
And the undersigned sometimes doubts this when it comes to advice from your home bank. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this test.

The test consists of a situation description in which you have to select the most suitable one for you from a number of photos (you can do the test here). The questions where you have to look for pictures are, for example, about your reaction in a conflict situation, or about which you are most annoyed. For example on the tube of toothpaste without a cap, or on the contrary of excessive cleanliness.


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